Bonjour from Canada!

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I have been to Canada twice, once to Montreal and another time to Toronto. In Montreal, I went to a lot of fun places like the amazing Biodome and fascinating Habitat 67. Toronto was full of interesting sites such as the iconic CN tower and the grand Casa Loma. These are great places to visit!

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Montreal is in the province of Quebec, which is the second largest French-speaking population in the world after France. Magnifique, isn’t it? Montreal is a wonderful place to visit, and there are a TON of cool things to see. The Olympic Tower gives a wide, impressive view of Montreal from a high point! Reso (also known as La Ville Souterraine or The Underground City) is a collection of many connected buildings – I sure had fun here! Montreal Old City is a stunning place to walk around any time of day. The Biodome was exceedingly great, with four biomes to tour, all in one building!! It was probably one of the highlights of the trip. The Botanical Garden is home to 22,000 species of plants, and the variety is fascinating to see in my opinion. Habitat 67 is also a must-see landmark I relished, with its unique structure. Biosphere is a humongous sphere, and I enjoyed looking at the amazing shape of it!

Toronto is the capital city of its province, Ontario, and the fifth largest city in North America. That’s wild! Toronto is just as cool as Montreal, with awe-inspiring spots to see! The CN Tower is the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere that is standing freely. This tower is a great place to go, and it has a high glass floor that is exciting to walk on. When you look down, you’ll see some parts of the building! I really had a blast. Casa Loma is a grand, beautiful fortress with many appealing attractions that are sure to impress! The gardens here are just so beautiful! Next is The Royal Ontario Museum, with a whole lot of interesting exhibits I enjoyed, including the dinosaur fossils and bones. Toronto Zoo is a spectacular zoo, with many species of animals, and animals from all around the world to see. There are rides and activities here, too. I especially loved the giant pandas. At The Ontario Science Centre, my favorite part was the astronomy section, but I also liked the other things they had there.  On our way back from Toronto, we saw Niagara Falls. It was breathtaking to see all the water and mist. Canada has many places and sites to explore!

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In 1947, at one point, in Canada, it was -81.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

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